.After looking at many different web sites I chose LexPro. It contained all of the forms I needed in one convenient package. This made it much easier and gave me the peace mind to know I had included all the appropriate forms necessary to complete my estate. Thank you for giving me what I needed in one convenient place at a great price.

- Anna S.

I was ready to pull my hair out trying to use other web sites to complete my estate planning. The questionnaire on LexPro's site made things easier and having all the forms in one easy to use package was wonderful. The instructions included in the help keys answered my questions and made the whole process much less stressful. Many thanks.

- Jane M.

After using LexPro to complete my estate documents I felt relieved to have finally completed a task I had been putting off for months. What a sense of relief for both myself and my children. Everyone should try this site before they make a decision on who to use in helping them with this project. I would recommend LexPro to anyone including my friends and family. A great value.

- Joe T.